About hotel

Do you know the most enjoyable place in the suburbs of Moscow, where you can flee from the noisy town and enjoy the calmness and comfort? You will find yourself in the medieval castle sinking in the flourishing greens and located not far from the busy town of Moscow, just 500 meters off the main circle road. Each corner of the castle reflects its own story from fantastic marriage or memorable private event to taking a fortress, everyone can make here his or her own story. While staying here you will be impressed by a unique design of each banquet hall, in one you will celebrate your marriage, in another you will arrange a luxury fashion show or just a corporate event or unimaginable teambuilding.

But what about cuisine? You will definitely enjoy it as we cook all the dishes with love and care by the traditional Russian and European recipes, we can boast of our castle menu from our Chef.

But what about entertainment? Do not worry, we thought about it. If you are a sportsman you will enjoy a spacious swimming pool and fitness center, if you like team games there are mini golf, mini football, bowling and tennis at your disposal. Would you like to try to be a singer choose a karaoke hall!

Be yourself and be among our guests, they are famous statesmen, successful businessmen, musicians and movie stars. Here they are, but not all: Steven Seagal, Maria Carey, Mickey Rourke, Shakira. Open this amazing place for yourself!